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Radio Communication

In two way radio systems, Analog radios are the first level of radios with frequency modulation type. It has clear voice transmission, but cannot filter the nearby noises.

Analog radios are inexpensive and easy to use. Analog radios use frequency modulation (FM) to encode a voice signal within a carrier wave.

The difference between the modulated frequency and the baseline channel frequency can then be demodulated by the receiving radio and turned back into a comprehensible voice message

RF Building Indoor Soultion

Repeaters, BDAs, Inline Boosters :

A Bi-directional amplifier is devices that supports two-way communications and amplifies the signal in both transmit and receive mode. It consists of a power amplifier (PA) at the transmit end and a low noise amplifier (LNA) at the receive end.

In receive mode, this device amplifies a weak input signal and feeds it to the radio. While in transmit mode, it amplifies the signal coming from the radio and transmits it further, extending the range of the signal.

RF Products

Coaxial cables are used for the transmission of Radio Frequency energy where tight impedance and RFI/EMI control is required.

This is particularly significant in 50- and 75-ohm RF and Microwave applications when signal loss and interference is detrimental to overall system performance.

The common need in the Military/Aerospace market is for high performance cable assemblies that are electrically stable.

Coaxial cable can support electromagnetic signal with various frequency as, RF and Microwave frequencies range from High Frequency (HF) 3-30 MHz, Ultra-High

Satellite Communication

Satellite communication is a technology that enables communication between two or more points on Earth, or between Earth and orbiting satellites, by transmitting signals through a network of artificial satellites in space.

It is used for various purposes, such as television broadcasting, internet connectivity, weather monitoring, navigation, and military surveillance.

The technology works by sending and receiving radio signals that are amplified and relayed through the satellite network to their intended destination.

Who Is Using Satellite?

Satellite communication is used by various individuals, organizations, and industries around the world. Some examples include:

Broadcasting companies: For transmitting television and radio signals to remote locations.

Telecommunications companies: For providing internet connectivity, phone services, and data transmission.


Telecommunication products refer to devices, equipment, and systems that enable communication over a distance. Satellite phones that use satellite technology to make calls and send messages, even in areas where traditional communication infrastructure is unavailable.


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